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=Ditaa= Source Code Blocks in Org Mode

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<code>Ditaa</code> Source Code Blocks in Org Mode


Ditaa is a command-line utility that converts diagrams drawn using ASCII art into bitmap graphics.

Requirements and Setup

Ditaa is distributed with Org mode. The file ditaa.jar can be found in contrib/scripts.

Activate evaluation of ditaa source code blocks by adding ditaa to org-babel-load-languages.

 '((ditaa . t))) ; this line activates ditaa

Org Mode Features for ditaa Source Code Blocks

Header Arguments

ditaa source code blocks require that an output file be specified.
specify command line arguments for ditaa
arguments for the java runtimes (JRE)


ditaa does not support sessions.

Result Types

Ditaa source code blocks return a link to a png bitmap file.

Examples of Use

The obligatory Hello World! example in ditaa:

#+BEGIN_SRC ditaa :file images/hello-world.png
|              |
| Hello World! |
|              |

hello-world.png hello-world.png

Now, round all corners by passing ditaa the -r,--round-corners command line switch.

#+BEGIN_SRC ditaa :file images/hello-world-round.png :cmdline -r
|              |
| Hello World! |
|              |

hello-world-round.png hello-world-round.png


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