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How to disable Cache of Chromium (怎样禁用 Chromium 浏览器的 Cache)

tubo posted @ 2014年9月03日 00:01 in 未分类 , 516 阅读
Solution of how to disable Cache in Chromimum browser.

There's an option which does not appear in chromium's manual page --- "-disk-cache-dir".
This option specifies where the disk cache should be stored.
Hence, under Linux, we can set the disk-cache-dir to /dev/null. In that way, the cache will be disabled, and all contents will be read from the Internet directly.

Here is what the modified chromium-browser-chromium.desktop looks like:

[Desktop  Entry] 
Name=Chromium Type=Application 
Comment=Open-source version of Google Chrome web  browser 
Exec=chromium-browser %U --disk-cache-dir=/dev/null 2>/dev/null 

Why I need to disable file cache?
Well, on my machine, when chromium browser starts up, it keeps reading cache and take a long time to show the homepage.
So I decided to disable it.

Author:yangyingchao, 2011-07-30

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